Current Artist: Mary McKeaN

Mary McKean was born and raised in Atlanta, GA, just a stone’s throw away from Kitchen Six. Mary’s work predominantly highlights organic shapes, bright colors, and human figures. She works with many mediums including charcoal, acrylic paint, and watercolor. Mary attends Lakeside High School where she is the president of her school’s Art Club and National Art Honors Society. As a senior she hopes to continue to pursue art in college.

If you are interested in purchasing a piece from the collection, please email us at and we will put you in touch with the artist.

Botanical I | $130 with Frame | 14.5”x12.5”

Botanical watercolor painting. Light green and fully outlined.  

Watercolor and Acrylic Paint

Moment | $220 with Frame | 16"x16"

Portrait of girl on wood panel with a blue paint stroke.

Graphite and Acrylic Paint

Home | $55 with Frame | 10.5”x8.75”

Blue watercolor piece, depicting a home with plants growing out of it. There are two of these this is the one with varying sections of blue.

Watercolor, Screen-print and Ink

"When Life Was a Dream" | $900 with Frame | 24”x30”

Bunny’s running across a field

Acrylic Paint

Scatterbrained$1,000 with Frame | 43"x50"

Super big piece in black frame.

Acetone Picture Transfer and Charcoal

Color Collection | $300 with Frame | 22.5”x17.5”

Portrait made from paint chips. Super colorful.

Acrylic Paint

Haphazard | $225 with Frame | 13"x 17"

Portrait with watercolor pieces surrounding it.  

Crayon and Watercolor


Botanical II | $130 with Frame 14.5”x12.5”

Botanical watercolor painting. Dark green and not completely outlined.

Watercolor and Acrylic Paint

Movement | $220 with Frame | 14"x11"

Portrait of girl on wood panel with a pink paint stroke.

Graphite and Acrylic Paint

Roots | $55 with Frame | 12”x9.5”

This is the second blue watercolor piece. Portrays a large amount of striped blue directly over the house and its roots.

Watercolor, Screen-print and Ink

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